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Stress, Cortisol & Health 1

Stress, Cortisol & Health 1

Cortisol: Claimed by Barrack Obama in his inaugural speech claimed cortisol as ‘Public enemy No1’ Cortisol is released when we are under stress.

Many people have heard of the Flight or Fight response. Identified by Hans Selye of McGill University I a 74 line document. He defined two elements to this stressful Fight or Flight process in our bodies, eustress and distress.

Eustress can be defined as the ‘good’ stress, when we need to perform such as at a meeting presentation, an exam or an interview. When the event is over, cortisol levels return to normal and all is well.

Distress however, is the kind of stress that if it’s not utilised if can cause health issues. Weight gain, lower moods, interferes with memory, increase blood pressure and blood glucose, reduces bond density and has a potential to lead to mental illness.

What can we do about it? Being sedentary is not an option for people who find themselves consistently stressed, anxious or under pressure.

Exercise: is the first thing to be added into your life if your not currently being active.

Fear will increase cortisol and exercise is a great way to reduce your fear and utilise the cortisol to reduce its negative effects on the body.

As an older adult who may be fearful of falling exercise is a proven successful way of gaining strength and imorving confidence in this age group. Such as the proven Strength & Balance classes for older adults in Cults & Mannofield, Aberdeen.

As younger adults cortisol presents itself due to ‘Fight or Flight’. The two kinds of exercise relevant to burn this energy would be sparring, boxing or martial arts. Or the second is jogging/running. A lunchtime run, or weekend run is a great way of reducing stress.

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