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Stress and a healthy attitude to food

Stress and a healthy attitude to food

Stress plays a large part in life and very often it serves us well, as long as we can manage the stress and not let it take over.
During later life, when children become adults, or professional goals have been achieved, or both, stress can beocome a negative influence on us.

Managing stress can be done by over eating, over drinking (alcohol) using cafine to keep us going, overspending or watching too much TV. If you feel you are doing any of these things you may idientify that you are trying to managing stress.

Stress releases a hormone called cortisol. Releasing cortisol means we do not have sufficient T3 hormone which burns body fat. High cortisol also encourages muscle breakdown. If you have less muscle you are burning fewer calories during the day.

If you then add in a restriction in calories because you feel your gaining weight, the body thinks it is going into starvation mode and more cortisol is released, causing blood sugars to lower, you crave the chocolate and cakes and then your body is in a constant flux.

Now is the time to change the way you think about food. Eat little and often, making sure breakfast is always eaten to avoid the dips in low blood sugar. Eliminate the refined foods like chocolate and cakes etc. Eat protein at each meal, this will give your body more fuel to build or maintain muscle and you’ll feel fuller for longer.

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