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Strength for Health

Strength for Health

Resistance exercise is an essential part of a fitness programme at any age but more so as an older adult.
We tend to think of body builders when weight training is mentioned but the fitness industry has moved on since then. Another assumption is that a seated exercise class is an easy class. But when using a resitiance exercise band that’s not necessarily so either.

The Strenght & Balance class I deliver in the community is one which has many health benefits. A seated exercise class using resistance bands with strengthening exercises.
As ladies of a certain age we must keep the muscles strong through exercise to keep bone density, muscle strength and to keep the calories burning as normal. Healthy muscles keep your metabolism burning at rest.

Strength training needs to be for a longer duration than 20mins. Exercising for 20 mins only burns carbohydrates. Exercising for longer will burn body fat. Minimum of 30 mins is recommended but coming to the Strength & Balance class will keep you motivated for a complete hour.

For a healthy mind and body. To help keep your hormones balanced. To protect your joints, heart and bones. Strengthening exercises are an essential part of your fitness programme.

Becoming a member with Prime Mover Pathway will give you the ability to attend more than one class in a week and have several 1-2-1 sessions with a personal trainer throughout the year.
Ask for me or see website for more details.

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