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Heart, bone, tendon & ligament health

Heart, bone, tendon & ligament health

Exercise must be something to enjoy.

It serves a purpose in keeping you strong and mentally fit as well as physical fit. It’s important that exercise does not stress you out. As a lady experiencing the physical changes and challenges that life brings you during your 40’s and 50’s chose a physical activity which you look forward to.

Being challenged during physical activy delivers bone and tendon loading. This helps to keep bone density, as hormone changes can depleat bone density. It also maintains healthy tendons and ligaments. During loss of oestrogen ligaments loosen which can lead to lower back pain. The more you can load the bones tendons and ligaments in exercise the stronger your structure can be maintained.

All of that will keep your joints protected, working well and stable.

During menopause, low oestrogen loosens ligaments. These are ribbons around the bones binding them together. If the ligaments losen, your joints are able to move past their normal range. You feel ‘really flexible’ but in fact your joints are ‘hyper-extending’. There is insufficent strength to keep them in a good range.

As a result you will feel slight discomfort despite good movement

Cardiovascular exercise is also essential in maintaining  heart health. I would not recommend training for a marathon, but I would suggest you do cardiovascular exercise to increase the heart rate. Cardiovascular interval training strengthens the heart so your heart is more efficient at rest.

Monday Pilates class is good for keeping bone and ligament strength.

Thursday Aerobics class is good for cardiovascular interval training.

Come and give them a go.


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